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We create the infrastructure to maintain and operate multiple drones in an industrial environment.
Planned drone mission need to be integrated in day-to-day tasks that are controlled from...
Drone missions are planned to generate a lot of data. Most inspection and security...


We deliver a full integration with autonomous Drones, Control room and Mission planners to deliver operating information.

Let us work together to implement a system for operating drones in an industrial, public or natural park environment.

All operated from a control room or with a tablet on your way to an emergency
The industry makes every year new steps to lower the risk of injuries for...
Drones can be very helpful in search and rescue situations. If you situate several...
With our DECK180 system it is possible to repeat inspections for counting sea mammals,...

Software for Drone Testing Facilities

Recently we have developed the software solution called Flight Separation System for owners of Drone testing facilities. If you have a testing facility and several companies are willing to use this facility at the same time, then our solution use-full…

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Drone Management System

The administration of all the available inspections what can be done at the industrial or public site, all available drones and drone bases. This is also the system where configuration to make Search and Rescue missions possible

Drone Flight Infrastructure

With our 3D model we create all the flight rules at the industrial site including the “highways”, “A” and “B” routes. This software component is called Planned Path Engine. Currently we are also busy with the development of a Realtime Path Engine for obstacle avoidance. 

24/7 Flight Planner

All the functionality necessary for operating drones 24 hours a day is included. The system determines the weather conditions and flight information of other flying objects and current applicable NOTAM’s. 

Data Acquisition and Reports

All the data required for the operation will be presented to the control room or sent to external parties to be converted to information. We are using the AI tools of BrainCreators.

Drone base integration

We deliver a full integration of a cost effective drone base


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