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Agreement between NHN and Deck180

To develop the drone sector in the region of Den Helder and Texel Deck180 has signed an agreement with the development and investment company Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) helping us to settle in that region, so Deck180 can build a new development department in this region as part of its METIP program.

NHN has initiated the Maritime Emerging Technologies Innovation Program METIP. This innovation program is funded under the ‘Region Deal’ scheme by the municipality of Den Helder, the province Noord-Holland and the Central Government. The Maritime Drone Initiative MDI is one of the technology and innovation action lines. MDI has its home base in Den Helder. This city has been the base for operations and maintenance for the offshore energy industry as the offshore service and logistics centre for over three decades. MDI providesfacilities and offers supporting services to enable (test) flights and exploration and validation of drone application in the maritime, marine and offshore energy domain, by means of which operations can be carriedout both from land and from vessels at sea.

Our plan is that students and just graduated students from for example Inholland contributes in our development and with the available testing ground it is an ideal testing facility for marine purposes.

Near the center of Den Helder in a nice presentation environment where we can install our systems, so marine operations with several type of drones can be managed.

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