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Software for Drone Testing Facilities

Recently we have developed the software solution called Flight Separation System for owners of Drone testing facilities. If you have a testing facility and several companies are willing to use this facility at the same time, then our solution use-full…

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Official signing METIP membership

Last week we officially signed the METIP membership so we can settle at the nice marine base of Den Helder. With this initiative we want to be part of the new eco-system that is being developed by Development company Noord-Holland…

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KIC MPi Maintance Technology Event

The 20th of October 2021 we are exhibitor of the KIC MPi (Knowledge and innovation Center for Maintenance in the Process Industry). For this event we will demonstrate our developed technology for the process industry. If you like to join…

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Succesful Drone2Go 4G test at Space53

For Drone2Go Sprint 9 Deck180 has tested their hardware with a 4G connection between control room and Drone. Hardware test is part of the testing procedures what is planned the coming 2 months. It was a stable connection without serieus…

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Agreement between NHN and Deck180

To develop the drone sector in the region of Den Helder and Texel Deck180 has signed an agreement with the development and investment company Noord-Holland Noord (NHN) helping us to settle in that region, so Deck180 can build a new…

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ATL partner RHIA

On the 9th of March 2021 Deck180 signed the Letter of Intent with the foundation Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA). Deck180 will be part of the Airport Technology Lab to develop, test and demonstrate new technology for manned and…

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Siemens Article

I'm very pleased that Siemens is mentioning our Drone2Go project on their website. You can read their article on the following link:

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3D flight visualisation

At the latest demonstration for Drone2Go we have presented our new way to present the flight in ERSI ArcGis 3D map. This way we can show the planned flight in 3D, but also the current position of the drone in…

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