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Special Collaboration with WEPRO

In this special times not expected collaboration will arise! At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak the whole market had problems with the sudden stop of the economy. Wepro had some engineers available what was very useful for our development…

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Deck180 settles at UnmannedValley

Today the 2nd of September Deck180 has hired an office at the old naval airport Valkenburg very close to the North Sea. Some buildings of Valkenburg is managed by the foundation Unmanned Valley what is very busy to establish an…

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Succesful demonstration Drone2Go

Deck180 is part of the consortium "The Future of Drone Operations" has delivered the platform to make operation of several drones from a control room possible. On the 14th of July 2020 the consortium demonstrated to Rijkswaterstaat's initiative Drone2Go that…

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Market consultation RWS

DECK180 will join the market consultation of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) to hear which developments are available in the autonomous drone market. With the initiative called Drone2Go RWS tries to stimulate the use of Drone in their operation. This Thursday 28th…

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Cooperation between Mainblades and Deck180

This week Mainblades and Deck180 signed a document for the cooperation to develop an indoor solution. Mainblades has already experience in flying in an indoor area. They use there-self developed Lidar system to navigate in an area where there…

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Gas detection on drone

For several applications we have integrated 2 gassensors on a drone to measure gas leakage for chemical, petrochemical and other industrial purposes. We can measure several carbon bases gasses, CO, smoke and the general air quality. When we install…

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Succesful pilot

Recently we have finished a pilot in Rotterdam, where we flew automatically to inspect a gate and surrounding fences. This is for us a very big moment after several years of development. We are now busy to prepare the implementation…

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